Step 3

Folder Structures

Having a standard folder structure can keep your files neat and tidy and save you time looking for data. It can also help if you are sharing files with colleagues and having a standard place to put working data and documentation.

Like files, folders can also follow a naming convention. By prefixing with numbers, you can force your files to be ordered by the steps in your workflow. Probably the simplest way to document your structure - for your future reference - is to add a “README” file - a text file outlining the contents of the folder.

Please see what a folder structure might look like


To develop a logical structure for your team, you need to consider the following points:


Pick a dataset and illustrate how you currently organise your files. (For the artists: Draw a picture that describes your current approach to file organisation)
See if you can devise a better naming convention or note one or two improvements you could make to how you name your files

There’s some really good folder template shapes around. Here’s one you are welcome to download and use URL Or another you could try out if you preferfrom


Come up with a policy for your group for folder structures. You could create a template and put it in a downloadable location for them to get them started.

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