Step 6

Cloud Storage of your Data

Keep a copy of your data on the cloud

Keeping a copy of all your data (working, raw and completed) in the cloud is incredbilty important. This ensures that if you have a computer failure, accidently delete your data or your data is corrupted, your research is restorable. — Griffith has three different types of cloud storage made especially for research —

Research Drive

This would be a good place for your day-to-day working files. It is unlimited and you can share it with people at Griffith (but not externally). This works the same as G drive.

Research Space

This has a ‘sync’ client that automatically copies your files from your computer to the cloud- just like dropbox or google drive. You can use this to share with people external to the university. You can add them with a Linkedin profile, Griffith, other university or Gmail account, or you can share with a URL, password and expiry date. This is also unlimited storage- you are given 5GB initially, and to add an unlimited folder, just click ‘Add more storage’.

Research Vault

For your long term backups. Perfect place to store a safe copy of your raw data or the research of your PhD student who has completed and is leaving the institute.

Not sure which one is best? Click here


Get your data into Research Storage - If you need help picking one, talk to the library or eResearch Support


Build a policy for your team or group on where things are stored. Make sure the location of your data is saved in your documentation

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